01. Always treat all Administrators, Game Masters and members of management with respect. Any act of disrespect to the administration, regardless of the medium, may result in punishment.

02. It is forbidden to impersonate (pretend to be) any member of the administration.

03. Advertising, comments or suggestions of any other Lineage servers is prohibited in any game chat or other media connected to us.

04. It is forbidden to use exploits or take advantage of any problems found in the game, in the forum or website that will benefit you in relation to other players. If a player finds a bug (problem/fault) in the game, forum or site they shall immediately inform the administration using the support ticket system.

05. Never ask for levels, items, adena, teleport or any benefit from any member of the administration because you will not be answered.

06. Your account is not transferable, which means that you are responsible for your own safety in the game. Never give your password to anyone else, including the administration. Make sure that the computer used to play is safe. Be cautious running third party programs with your Lineage 2, which was not provided by management, as they may contain viruses and key loggers that will result in the theft of your user accounts and / or items. The administration is not responsible for any theft, dropped or destroyed items.

07. All user data (its accuracy and maintenance) are the sole responsibility of the user. Take care of your data and keep your e-mail account active as it is necessary to recover your password if you forget it. The administration is not responsible for data forgotten, lost, deleted or canceled for any reason.

08. Hate speech is forbidden in any Global Chat channel and any other media provided by our team. In in-game chats use the command /block not to read unwanted messages. Use the hero chat with caution because it broadcasts to the entire server. Also the use of any chat to incite or manipulate the players of the server against the administration is prohibited.

09. Players who accuse the administration without evidence may be punished. The administration will not allow bad players tarnish the image of the server because they are sore losers.

10. Any action that the administration deems cheating or exploiting will result in penalties such as: Breaking automatic or management run events. These penalties will be determined by the administration and can include: account or character deletion; ban by address; jail time; etc.

11. Trade chat is for trade, clan recruiting and parties. Abuse of trade chat will result in a chat ban or worse. One on one conversations in trade chat should be taken to tells and will be considered chat abuse.

12. Players may bot. If botting in a party the party cannot have more than two players.

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