Server Closing 3/1/2020
The server will close due to lack of interest/population on the 1st of March
09 February, 2020
Seven Signs
Seven Signs starts today at 21:00 GMT!
30 December, 2019
Noobie Weapons
It's a great time to join L2 Ash! Starter weapons just received a big attack boost. They are almost as strong as top No Grade weapons now!
17 December, 2019
The Server is Live!
Over 360 accounts have been created in the first 15 min! Come join us!!
29 November, 2019
Server Files Uploaded!
Head to our downloads page to download the server launch files. 30 hours until launch! Get your coffee, favorite snacks and comfy chair ready for a weekend of carnage!! Once you in...
28 November, 2019
Preparing the server!
We're building the castles for you to conquer!
17 October, 2019
Vote our sever on HopZone.Net - top l2